Worthy is the Lamb

Worthy is the Lamb

Oct 07, 2018

Passage: Revelation 5

Preacher: Dr. Philip Cooper, Senior Pastor of FBC Sumrall

Series: Revelation - Our Future in the Bible


  I.  The Unopened Scroll (5:1-4)

      A.  Significance (5:1)

      B.  Silence (5:2-3)

      C.  Sorrow (5:4)

 II.  The Victorious Messiah (5:5-8)

      A.  Lion (5:5 - "Lion of the tribe of Judah")

      B.  Line (5:8 - "the root of David")

      C.  Lamb (5:6)

III.  The New Song (5:8-10)

      A.  The Redeemed Will Sing (5:9)

      B.  The Angels Will Sing (5:11)

      C.  All of Creation Will Sing (5:13-14)